This Body, This House

by Jessica Byrne

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released July 23, 2015

All tracks written by Jessica Byrne
“Am I too Late”
Produced & Engineered by Thomas Hunt and Phil Graham at Electric Monk Studio, Bass performed by Phil Graham, Mastered by Adam Quaife, Backing Vocals performed by Naomi Sunderland, Acoustic drum kit performed by Justin Parslow
“Lump in my Throat”
Bass performed by Lochlan Gillis
“Wild Woman”
Nature sounds recorded at Nightcap National Park by Cail Parsons and Jessica Byrne
All other tracks were performed, recorded, produced and mastered by Jessica Byrne at Light Song Studio
Album Artwork by Joanne McNeill
Graphic Design Assistance by Alexander Byrne



all rights reserved


Jessica Byrne Brisbane, Australia

Jessica Byrne is a singer/songwriter currently based in Brisbane. Having taught herself keys as a means to accompany her lyrical messages, Jessica utilises dark and haunting textures to create effortlessly emotive music. Byrne is a woman of style and natural ease and above all strives to connect with her listener’s on a meaningful level. ... more

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Track Name: Am I Too Late
You of all should know,
How I’ve longed,
For our love,
To come along.

And I’ve waited all my life…

For you…

Am i too late, have you moved?
Along, away from the possibility of our love.
Or am i too early cause,
You’re still in love with someone else,
And this is all
I can do for now.
Track Name: Lump in my Throat
Who can you, say your truth to,
Cause I can’t lie, and say everything’s alright.
It’s now or never, it’s now or whenever…

And I don’t feel like crying,
And I don’t feel like smiling,
But I do feel that there's
A lump in my throat
That needs to get out,
But I don't know what it's about.

I thought I had to shout it all out,
Take time to figure it out.
But i just had to shut my mouth,
And listen to the sounds.
It's now or never, it's now and forever.

And I don't feel like crying,
and I don't feel like smiling,
but I do feel that there's
A lump in my throat
That needs to get out,
And now I know what it's about.
Track Name: Wild Woman
I am a wild woman, who cannot be tamed,
My armpit hairs will not be maimed.
My body will not be told or sold,
The lies that try to keep control.

I am a wild woman, who cannot be tamed,
No bodily changes will ever be made,
No waxing off or cutting deep,
Or told which hairs I’m allowed to keep.

I am a wild woman, who cannot be tamed,
My self will never be rearranged,
So that you feel more comfortable
And less afraid,
Of a woman who refuses to be deranged.

My body will not feel like a house
Locked from the inside so nothing gets out.
And like I’m an intruder, peering in,
I will not be locked out of my own skin.

Instead my body will feel like a home
A home that is completely my own.
A place where my hair and Self can grow and know
That I will not be on this island alone.

Look out from behind your cultural lens,
And tell the world you won’t be locked in.
You, dear woman, have the keys to your cage,
And you are a wild woman who cannot be tamed.
Track Name: Will Be Again
The world is turning and I’m still learning,

I turn with the sun and the moon.

See these tears run down my face,
They hold the memory of this place,
I shed them to the ground,
And now they long to find,
A new set of eyes and once again bring life.

And now I know, what has been,
Will be again, and there’s no end.

And i don’t care,
Just who or where I am,
Or what you think,
Cause we are the same thing.
You might think you’re not one,
That you are a human,
But you are just a dance,
Of the elements.
Track Name: Existential Crisis
There is nothing cool about an existential crisis.
No Jude Law, no Jason Schwartzman,
Just you and your head and the nothingness.

But I want it all to go away but it won’t,
And I want it to be a brand new day
But time goes too slow,
And I’ve given it all away except my life,
But I couldn’t take it if I tried.

There is nothing cool about not being able
To sort your shit out.
There is nothing cool about wanting out.

But to pick up all the pieces of my life
Is just too hard at this time.
Because no pieces fit together and it’s all just a lie.
Maybe if we were together you could save me
And I would find a little meaning
Because I feel I’m failing at this life.

I’m failing at this lie.

I’m failing at this…
Track Name: Who I Can Be
What is real, what is really me?
Who am I trying, what am I trying to be?
Sometimes I love the, person I am with you,
But it can feel like, I’m turning my back
On the truth.

And all I want is, all I want is the truth,
But I feel like the, I feel like the truth moves.
I try to catch it, to hold it in my hands,
But I can’t keep it
In the face of others plans.

If I were still I might,
See the mystic dance,
And see the steps I take,
And my desire to be led.
But you have your own plan,
And way you like to move,
I’ll try to follow,
But dance my own dance too.
So come on closer to me and let me show you just Who I can be.
Track Name: By the Book
I desire,
Other people,
Does that make me
Some kind of evil.
What you told me,
When I was a baby,
I’d meet my Prince Charming
And we’d be eternally happy.
But what about the primordial psyche,
That wants me to see other possibilities.
What’s the remedy,
For what ails me,
The understanding that it’s a natural part of life,
But if I’m a naturalist,
Why the fuck am I doing this?
Going for the ride,
Cause I don’t want to be left behind.
I know I gotta take responsibility,
But for a round or two,
I’d like to blame my mum and daddy.
You corrupted me with your twisted feelings,
I took as reality,
Now it’s all gonna have to come undone.
I hope it’s not too late
To undo your mistakes,
Though I know it’s not your fault,
You were a part of a bigger cult.
You better start explaining why,
You’ve fucked with our minds
And made wrong everything that’s right.
Fuck society,
I want my animal instinct
And my deeper knowings
To guide me through this web of lies.
Please stop telling me,
How to live my life,
I can make my own mind,
Bout what I feel is wrong and right.
But to this way of life,
My access has been denied,
Everywhere I look,
Everyone’s still doing things
By the book.